5 KILLER Reasons Nurses Make Amazing Entrepreneurs

Before I really get started here, I want to be completely up front with you. I truly believe the Nursing profession is AWESOME! I can’t think of another industry where someone can go to college for 2-5 years and graduate making $50K/year or more. That’s not just it either. As a nurse, there are literally countless jobs (not just bedside nursing) that can bring you lots of success and fulfillment. And for the sake of the topic at hand, Nursing is an excellent springboard into entrepreneurship. 🙂

The problem that I had run into 3 years into my career was I didn’t want a job and I didn’t want a boss. So, if you’re a nurse who would rather have the freedom from having to clock in and clock out every day, if you’re the person who would rather have complete control over your schedule, or if you’re the person who would like to travel the world at a moments notice and experience life to its fullest, maybe, just maybe, you’re an entrepreneur and didn’t even know it.

I bet right now you’re wondering if that’s even possible; if all those things you just read could even be possible for you?

They are.

In just a second I’m not only going to show you that as a Nurse it’s not only POSSIBLE for you, but I’m going to show you that you already possess the skills to make it a reality. All you really really need to do is decide to do it.

What I’m going to be covering with you specifically in this post is what I did to walk away from a perfectly fine full time job as a Trauma/Critical Care Nursing and create a global business that pays me week in and week out, whether or not I get out of bed. Sounds awesome doesn’t it? It is!

I’ll also be giving an explanation for the industry I chose to transition into and lastly 5 reasons WHY nurses make amazing entrepreneurs in this industry. Can you smell that ocean breeze yet? Let’s begin.

I want to start by saying I have had NO PRIOR SALES EXPERIENCE. I’m not, nor have I ever been in sales. Nor, do I consider what I’ve chosen as a “sales” type of business. I do however believe we are ALL selling something. As nurses, we are selling our patients and their immediate families on the idea we are fully capable to take care of them. We are selling our employers every shift that it’s a great idea to keep us on staff. We are also selling our patients on the ideas of what they need to do to live a better, healthier life when we are educating them.

I think it’s important to say this up front because so many people have limited themselves by talking themselves out of something because they felt they weren’t a “insert descriptive here”. “For things to change you have to change.” This is what my mentor Jim Rohn said. He was right!

In 2010 I was DONE. I had been working in Vegas at a Level II Trauma Center and was getting hammered every night. My wife worked in the Coroner’s office by day in forensics autopsying and I worked nights. We didn’t spend as much time as we liked with each other and I was getting burnt out real quick. One night, August 8th 2010, I had a night like no other. It was a tipping point. I went home that morning convinced that I couldn’t continue for the next 30 years doing what I was doing.

My wife, God bless her, was VERY understanding and supportive. She suggested I look around to see if I could find something that was a good fit that I could work on in my off time that could possibly sooner or later supplement my nursing income. After really diving in, I found that anything traditional I could choose was going to cost  A LOT of up front money and a lot of up front time. I didn’t have a lot of either. She later suggested I look at the Nutritional R&D company with which her mom was affiliated. I did. That’s when I was introduced to the WELLNESS INDUSTRY.

According to Nobel Prize-winning economist, college professor, and best-selling author Paul Zane Pilzer, the Wellness Industry is poised to become the next $Trillion industry, competing with computers. Wellness, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. The Wellness Industry encompasses modalities (products and services) that help others achieve “wellness”.

Being introduced to USANA Health Sciences opened up my mind to the idea of becoming a Wellness Consultant within the Wellness Industry. How does Wellness Consulting work? It works very similarly to being a nurse in a hospital, accept your not. It’s a business that YOU own and operate. You set the terms, you set the pay, and it’s all done part time until it surpasses your nursing income.

What I do is, using my nursing knowledge and skills, I find out where people are healthwise and I help them to get healthier. This can be helping someone lose weight, customize dietary options, exercise programs, nutritional customization and more. This is why it’s important to have a product partner that has a diverse and complete wellness line of products and tools to help you help your clients the very best way possible.

This is one reason I chose USANA Health Sciences. Another is they actually EDUCATE you and even have a nutritional certification through Sanoviv you can choose to go through. However, there are plenty of potential product partners out there to choose from. After looking at many, I found USANA to be unique. It’s paid off more than I can tell you.

As I began to build my Wellness Consulting business, I ran into others nurses interested in running their own business as well. This led to me building a team of nurses and other healthcare professionals, all building their own Wellness Consulting businesses together. This provided tremendous leverage, which I can’t begin to explain in depth. However, with a team of Wellness Consultant partners our group began to expand to different countries as so did our clientele.

I must say it has not always been super easy, but building a business from the ground up is always challenging. It’s also created time freedom for me and my family that any traditional business could not. My wife is no longer working for anyone and is able to stay at home with our younger kids. I have returned to the hospital as a per diem nurse and work on my own time. It keeps me credentialed, provides some great extra spending money, and I enjoy it much more now that I don’t have to be there. 🙂

I believe that Wellness Consulting is the PERFECT business for Nurses and I believe there are 5 KILLER reasons nurses make not only great Wellness Consultants but great entrepreneurs:

  1. Nurses are great communicators-This is a very important skill to have as an entrepreneur. We’ve developed this skill working with patients from all backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, etc.
  2. Nurses are hardworking-It’s no surprise, Nurses work hard…incredibly hard. They deal with a lot of stressful situations EACH DAY. They could be tending to a cold in one room and tending to a code in another AT THE SAME TIME. Nurses work tirelessly and relentlessly every shift. It takes this type of work ethic to be an entrepreneur.
  3. Nurses SPECIALIZE in customer service-It’s what we do! Nurses work day in and day out to provide the very best of ourselves to our patients to make sure they have the very best experience they can have while we are with them. Being sick is a trying time for anyone, and we are there to help them get through it as best as we can.
  4. Nurses are people-people-Let’s face it, you can’t go into the nursing profession if you don’t like people. Working with people is what nurses do. Being a SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur requires you to not only like people but love people and love helping people.
  5. Nurses are SMART-As an entrepreneur, you’ve got to have some sense. As a Wellness Consultant you have to have more than sense. As Donna Cardillo says in one of her awesome blog posts “nurses possess a great body of knowledge and experience that is marketable, valuable, and in demand.” We bring a lot to the table. Nurses make AMAZING Wellness Consultants!

I hope I’ve convinced you. In this post I’ve told you how I went from burnt out nurse to business owner. I’ve opened your eyes to the Wellness Industry and Wellness Consulting. Lastly, I’ve explained to you 5 Killer Reasons Nurses Make Amazing Entrepreneurs.

I hope this has been helpful to you. Bedside nursing isn’t the end. You’ve got options. If you’re a nurse entrepreneur yourself CONGRATULATIONS! Please leave a comment and a shameless self-advertisement. I wouldn’t be offended at all! 🙂

THANKS FOR READING! If this has been of value to you, please like and share it with a nurse or anybody for that matter. Have a great day!

Disclaimer Statement: Michael Ward is a Critical Care Registered Nurse and Wellness Consultant. He works directly with USANA Health Sciences as a brand ambassador after having an amazing product experience, specifically with the joint health product, Procosa which you can get here. Because USANA uses word of mouth advertising and relationship marketing ONLY, Michael decided to partner with them to get these amazing products out to people he cares about and that need them. You may have heard of USANA through many of the 750+ olympic and pro athletes that use their products or perhaps you have seen top USANA scientists on the Emmy Award-Winning daytime talk show the “Dr Oz Show”.

If you’d like to learn more about USANA’s award winning health products or would like to learn how to work with Michael and earn a supplemental income bringing value to others helping them to live a more healthy lifestyle, connect here.

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Did you know THIS about Network Marketing?

Unemployment is on the rise and jobs are on the decline. Although the government would try to convince us that the job market is getting better, they don’t take into account all those that have just given up on finding work and just drop off the proverbial grid. This makes the job numbers appear to be getting better. All the while 52% of college graduates aren’t getting jobs in the fields of study they paid for, which is making it EXTREMELY difficult to pay back their school loans. It’s estimated that the average college graduate has over $30k in student loans.

Let’s face it, over the past 7+ years U.S. companies have grown quite use to running on skeleton crews. As a matter of fact, thStart-Network-Marketing-Companyey have gotten real good at it. The idea of going to school, getting good grades, going to college and then graduating, getting a great job and retiring in 40 years is a thing of the past. That idea was attributed to the Industrial Age, which ended at the turn of the century. We’ve now entered the Information Age and those who don’t move with the times are going to get left behind…way behind.

One of the most recent statistics I’ve seen on entrepreneurship is that 73% of Americans would like to own their own business. The idea of being the boss intrigues a lot of people. So why aren’t more people doing it? Well, they are! After the downturn in the economy in 2008 people began looking at alternative career paths. Instead of working for a boss, maybe I should become the boss!

These2eeb735days we carry devices in our pockets that hold more technology than space command did during the first Apollo Mission. We can communicate on a global scale for free and do it easily and effectively. This has allowed the ordinary everyday average Joe like you and me operate global online franchises from the comfort of our homes. How might you ask? Through Network Marketing!

The Network Marketing Industry has GREATLY evolved from the “Old West” days where there was NO regulation and pyramid schemes and scams were all over the place. It’s just not like that anymore, and if a company starts looking shady, they are shut down REAL QUICK. I’m not going to say there aren’t deceptive practices out there within the Network Marketing community, because there certainly are! But I can say that for EVERY single industry out there. As a network marketing professional who was HIGHLY skeptical at first, it is my opinion that Network Marketing is the most ethical and best way for the average person to take control of their finances and their liveimagess.

Network Marketing is SO close to franchising its scary. Accept Network Marketing is different and better than franchising in 3 ways:

  1. It is FAR less expensive to start a Network Marketing Business. Average Franchise costs anywhere between $250k-$500k. To start your own Network Marketing Business, you’ll shell out less than the cost of a PS4.

Note-I hate when people say stuff like, “Why do I have to pay to start?” What job have you EVER had where it didn’t cost money to start? I paid $50k to become a nurse. Even when I was a kid I worked at McDonalds and had to buy non-skid shoes, 2 pair of slacks, 3 shirts and a belt. When I worked offshore, I had to buy uniforms, gloves, boots, etc. Even if you wanted to start a Lemonade stand, you’d spend money on the pitcher, the cups, the lemonade, the stand, etc. EVERYTHING COSTS MONEY TO START.

2.With a typical franchise, the only one that gets the benefit of leverage is the Franchise Corporate Office. (leverage is when you get paid on more than just your efforts). This means as a franchise owner, you only get paid by the customers that come through your doors, while Franchise Corporate gets to recruit independent distributors (franchise owners) and gets paid a percentage of all of their profits. In Network Marketing you get the opportunity and benefit, should you choose to use it, of recruiting other “franchise” owners. This is a benefdonaldit because it gives you what Franchise Corporate has and that is leverage.

Note-Just because you have a Network Marketing business, you do not have to recruit. Actually, you can just go out there and sell products and/or services and make a great living on a very part time basis. I know people that do this VERY well. But the best way to create leverage is illustrated in this famous quote by the American Businessman John D. Rockafeller “I would rather earn 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own.”

3.Last but not least, with a Network Marketing enterprise, one is not limited to a particular location. They can run their business anywhere they have wi-fi or cellular signal. Whereas, a franchise owner is VERY limited by the fact that he/she has to report to a building every d448659260_640ay in order for his franchise to operate. The franchise owner doesn’t have a job anymore, he owns his job and typically makes less than his employees. Which brings me to another reason Network Marketing is better than Franchising…employees. That’s for a different post. 😉

I hope this has helped! The Network Marketing industry has been REALLY good to us. My wife and I have built a global team of Network Marketing entrepreneurs and have enjoyed empowering countless people to own and operate their own businesses, putting them on the path to freedom.

I could literally right a book on Network Marketing (AKA MLM). As a matter of fact, I have! I’ve packed all the information I have learned in an easy to read format. This information is the exact system my wife and I used to build our Network Marketing business. If you’d like a copy of this eBook, just click right here!     s (4)_resize_resize_resize