5 Predictions they got right; GREAT SCOTT!!! I know Doc. This is heavy.

In 1985 I was 8 years old. I can remember it like it was yesterday! I remember the tight-rolled, slim fit jeans and skateboarding all the time in the little town I lived in at the time. I also remember the first time I watched “Back to the Future” with Michael J. Fox. I was mesmerized. My love for skateboarding and playing the guitar only grew from there.

It seemed like FOREVER before “Back to the Future Part II” came out. I remember thinking “They just left us hanging!” The very last scene where the car starts to take off and Doc Brown says probably one of the most memorable lines in Hollywood “Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.” I was REELING! Then, when they aired the first trailer for Part II?! I about lost my mind!

Well, today, as most245E422D00000578-2893737-image-a-22_1420154618736 people are aware, unless they’re living under a rock, is THE DAY. It’s the day where Marty and Doc Brown arrive 30 years into the future to save his son from ruining his life. Has it been that long? WOW! So how much have things changed since 1985? How many things did Robert Zemeckis get right and how
many things did he get wrong? To be honest, he hit the nail right on the head on A LOT of stuff. Why don’t we go through the list:

1.The first thing that pops to my mind is whenever the Older Marty is talking to Needles on TV! At this time, Skype wasn’t even thought of. However, its nothing to talk to someone face to face not just on TV screens and monitors but even on our PHONES! How cool is that?bttf-skype

2.There is one scene where cops find Jennifer in the alleyway passed out and they scan her fingerprints to locate her identity AND THEN scan her fingerprints to access the security lock for her home. The future is now folks! Apple paved the way and now other phones are using fingerprint scanning for security features. Plus, cops are using that same fingerprint technology to identify criminals and even locate criminals.

3.There is one scene where Marty’s son and daughter are wearing glasses to watch TV! Did you guys notice that? When the phone rings they both get the notification about the phone ringing through their glasses. I wonder if that’s where the think tanks at Microsoft got the idea for the Google Glass?

4.Them shoes though! Those Nik2D9904AB00000578-3281282-Despite_the_lack_of_smartphones_in_Back_to_the_Future_Marty_McFl-a-30_1445363435344e self-lacing shoes were THE BOMB! Guess what? It just so happens that JUST RECENTLY Nike has announced they were in manufacture mode of the Nike Self-Lacing shoes from Back to the Future and that they would be selling within the next year. I WILL be having a pair of those NO DOUBT!

5.THE CUBS WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!! Okay, maybe they didn’t win the world series. As a matter of fact, today the Mets finished off the Cubs with a 4 game SWEEP…ouch! However, it’s been quite a while since the Cubs even
made it to the World Series. So, although they didn’t win, it was ALMOST spot on, which would have been crazy!

Well, that’s just about all I can recall. Can you think of anything I missed? Post it belnormal_scnet_bttf2_0788ow. I’d love to hear from you guys! It’s too bad we don’t have hover-boards or flying cars or even Mr Fusion! We’ve still got quite away to go for those kinds of technological advances, but make no mistake the future is now. We wear watches on our arms that control all kinds of things, phones that we use for almost everything, and lets not forget the new autopilot feature by Tesla Motors. Haven’t heard of that yet? Check that out here.


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