Your poo is telling you something. Are you paying attention?

They are finding out more and more every day about our gut. Did you know that it was recently discovered that there are more neuro-synaptic connections within our gut than our brain?! Pretty incredible, right? AND that many processes in our bodies won’t work too well without optimal digestive health?

Things like depression, weight-loss, energy levels, and even immune function can all be negatively impacted with poor digestive health. It’s all in the medical literature. Which is why it is SO important to take care of that gut.

One of the best things you can do so you’ll know how your gut is performing is to “ANALYZE the outcome” if you know what I mean.😉😉 Here’s s great little info graphic that will give you all the stink on what to look for when you view your poo.

Lastly, it’s VERY important that you eat the right stuff. Plenty of fiber, 12-20 GMs per day, is sure to make a big impact on your gut health. Also, things like digestive enzymes and probiotics will get certainly provide an added benefit. Did you know that although our bodies are made up of TRILLIONS of cells there is still 10 bacteria in our gut for every 1 cell in our bodies! This means we should DEFINITELY eat better, but also fortify our intestinal tract with good bacteria found in probiotics.

I hope this helps guys. The latest research on digestion and the microbiome is truly incredible. I encourage you to check it out, ESPECIALLY if you are having crazy health issues or symptoms you just can’t seem to pinpoint. You might just need a little gut check.

I have trusted my digestive health over the last 5 years to the leader in cellular nutrition, USANA Health Sciences. They have a complete digestive health line that I cannot say enough good things about. For some information, just click the photo below.

Complete Digestive Support

If this has been helpful to you, please share this via social media. It’s my biggest goal to help people live their best life. Once your health is gone, nothing else matters. Join me to become an advocate for optimal health and let’s make a difference together. 😊


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