CR1XFAmUsAA_wKZHello friends! Welcome to my blog! My name is Michael and I’ve been a Registered Nurse close to a decade now. I am also a Nurse Entrepreneur and run a global health and wellness business with partners and clients all over the world. I have a confession…I LOVE what I do! You could say that I “live to serve” :). I love it so much I decided to blog about it. I’ve really enjoyed helping fellow healthcare professionals learn to use their skills and their education to become free from the bedside and run their own Wellness Consulting business. If that sounds like you, connect with me here. Otherwise, feel free to take a look around. My goal with this blog is to provide some practical advice on health and fitness, nutrition, and entrepreneurship AND to provide tips and education to live your best life physically and financially. If you’re on social media I’d love to connect with YOU! Connect with me by clicking the follow buttons at the bottom of the page.

P.S.-I like to give away stuff to my subscribers at random. You never know what it could be, but I’m sure you’ll love it! So if you like free stuff at random, join a whole bunch of other brilliant people who’ve hopped on board. 🙂


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